Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are often used inside plants because they are completely enclosed, thus the conveyance is weather-proof and dust-free; furthermore, thanks to the small number of installed components, these machines require a minimum maintenance.

The design and selection of materials are adapted   to the properties of the product to be conveyed (abrasiveness, bulk density, size, moisture, chemical properties, etc.).

SVE’s range of production includes every type of screw conveyor, from the most common tubular or u-trough screw conveyors, to screw feeders, doser, mixers, where the process and transport requirements are combined.

We manufacture various types of screw conveyors and screw feeders with profile of horizontal, inclined and vertical. Generally Screw conveyors are used to convey powdered  materials like, cement, fly ash, lead oxide, etc. We now specialized to manufacture screw conveyor with/without hanger bearings based on the material handled and customer’s requirements. We have supplied screw conveyors in line with the above. MOC of the screw conveyors are normally mild steel, stainless steel.

We also manufacture as per the MOC of customers.

Technical Details

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Type of screw conveyor STD flight/ Cut flight and paddle type
Material Any bulk material
Screw diameter 150 mm to 600 dia as per CEMA or more to suet requirements
Pitch 150 mm to 600 Dia as per CEMA or more to suet requirements
Length 2 m to 10 m ( with anchor bearing)
  • Screw conveyer1
  • Screw conveyer8
  • Screw conveyer7
  • Screw conveyer6
  • Screw conveyer5
  • Screw conveyer4
  • Screw conveyer3
  • Screw conveyer2


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