Chain Conveyer

SVE manufactures drag chain conveyors for every industrial application for bagasse handling to   heavy duty high-capacity (more than 1.000 TPH) chain feeders .

These machines represent the most suitable solution for horizontal, inclined, or vertical transport of bulk materials, especially in the case of particular environmental needs or material characteristics (temperature, abrasiveness…).
SVE’s range of production includes both central chain and double chain conveyors, with round steel chains (for double chain feeders) or forked link chains (for central chain and double chain conveyors).

Types of Chain Conveyors We Offer:
1. Central Chain conveyors
2. Double Chain conveyors
3. Slat chain conveyor
4. Apron chain conveyor
5. Enmass chain conveyor
6. Pallet conveyor
7. Overhead chain conveyor

Technical Details :

. .
Profile Horizontal / Inclined / Horizontal cum Inclined
Material Any bulk material
Pitch 3”/ 6”
Breaking load 10/ 15/ 30 Tones
Structure M.S.
Speed 0.3 to 0.5 m/s
  • Chain Conveyor 91
  • Chain Conveyor 81
  • Chain Conveyor 121
  • Chain Conveyor 111
  • Chain Conveyor 101


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