Belt Feeder

SVE designs and manufactures heavy duty belt feeders for use in mining and other arduous applications. Belt feeders are designed to suit specific requirements using standardized components. Reliability and ease of maintenance are a feature of SVE  belt feeders.
SVE  meets your  specific needs by providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility in the manufacturing of our  belt feeder. They are designed for your specific requirement , and are capable of being mounted in various positions to suit the needs of your mining operations. Our belt feeder can be built to withstand the wear and tear brought on by snow, rain, ice and wind. At SVE we take pride in the durability of our belt feeders. Our product is designed to handle many different types of material. If you require close volume control of sand and gravel or fine and dry materials, you’ll find that SVE belt feeders are capable and reliable. If you require a belt feeder that can manage exceptionally hot, large and lumpy, or light and fluffy material, SVE belt feeders can be manufactured to meet those needs, as well
Belt Width: as per the requirements

Material handled: as per requirements

Length: 3m to 10 m

Speed: 30 mpm

  • Belt Feeder 6
  • Belt Feeder 9
  • Belt Feeder 8
  • Belt Feeder 7


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